4) Have More Opportunity

Build a Winning Track Record

Life is a very long journey.  It is the sum total many, many small steps.  Some of these steps are decisions, but many important steps are interactions with other people.  It has been said that success is not as much about “what” you know as “who” you know.  This speaks to the great importance of relationships and the opportunity to build them with the right people and organizations.

Success is often referred to as a “climbing the career ladder.”  Not everyone will have a career obviously, but that analogy can apply to anyone’s relationships.  Success builds over time and it is often a result of the people with whom we have had the opportunity to work and build trust.

Having a winning track record starting early in life not only helps you get better jobs, it helps you associate with the right people.  A key goal of Another Voyage is to allow young people to build a verifiable track record that provides them with great opportunity for advancement in life.

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