3) Improve Faster

Get Serious About Performance

Life is a competition.  We are “all created equal,” but we are not all equal.  Although we have lost many of our freedoms, we still have some freedom to succeed or fail based on our performance.  This is much better than allowing corrupt and evil politicians decide who wins or loses based on their selfish whims.

We see this competition in business.  The best succeed.  The restaurant that serves expensive, bad-tasting food goes out of business because  no one chooses to eat their twice.  We want competition.  It greatly improves all of our lives.  Otherwise, all we would have is expensive bad-tasting food!

But competition means that if you want to get the most fulfilling job, the beautiful girl, and the best friends then… generally speaking you have to earn them.  That’s why you need a gauge, like a speedometer to inform you of your progress.

You can’t expect corrupt political elites to lift your boat.  They won’t.  They will only manipulate you to get your vote.  Once they are in power, they will do everything they can to keep you poor, powerless and dependent on them until the next election.

You can’t expect other people to give you a break.  No runner or any other athlete is going to let you win.  You have to beat them while obey the rules.  There are no shortcuts.  You have to be better.

Businesses get it.  That is why they have accounting systems that product charts and graphs so that managers can continually monitor their performance and make adjustments quickly.  Time is money.  Your reaction needs to be quick.

So if you are competing for your future success just like a business, why don’t you have an accounting system?  Shouldn’t you have a speedometer and charts that show you any negative trends you might have – so that you can quickly correct them?  You can.

We believe that the Only Way to make a Better World is to make a Better You.  Take Another Voyage now and start tracking your performance.  Or if you are on a team, track it’s performance as well.

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