2) Be More Productive

Get a Compass for your Life

Whether your boxing, hitting a baseball with a bat, or giving an important presentation to an audience, you know what it means to connect. You can throw a hundred punches, fowl the ball out of bounds, or talk for hours and achieve nothing.  But it only takes one good punch to knockout your opponent.  It only takes one swing to hit a home run.  And a few choice words can move your audience and make a huge impact.  The key to effective, powerful, life-changing connection is alignment.

Are your efforts aligned with your most important goals?  If they aren’t, you may be wasting most of your effort.  How do you know?  Do you have a compass for your life?

Success in life requires not just working hard.  You need to work smart too.  Doing a lot of things can be like sailing a boat in circles.  You cover a lot of distance, but you don’t get anywhere.  You have to know what your destination is and which direction to go to get there.

The following illustration shows how aligning your effort, your activity, how you spend your time and money, etc. makes all the difference;

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